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Tut "language," like many other secret or code "languages," is an interesting sociolinguistic phenomenon, worthy of scholarly study as a part of the general consideration of vernacular cryptolinguistic devices. Given its apparent origins in African-American culture, Tut must also be considered, broadly speaking, as a part of African-American English.

--Ronald R. Butters, Ph.D.,
General Editor, American Dialect Society Publications

Your book is the missing Link

--Margo Williams

...thought provoking and visually intriguing lexicon, Tut language. With pleasure I am adding it to our black studies collection.

--Sylvia Curtis, Librarian,
University of California, Santa Barbara



-"Thanks for the history of Tut and for recording it for posterity."  C.N.
-"Enjoyed the TUT Language Book very much. I spoke Tut as a child."  O.B.
-"I enjoyed this book very much and would like to order more for gifts." R.G.
-"I found this book very intriguing!!  It stirs the memories of my father and grandmother." P.M.
-"A wonderful book and an easy language to learn."  M.C.
-"Kyela atutulege!" ("God bless you")  D.M.
-"Thank you for illuminating our family history."  S.S.
-"I really appreciate the greater understanding you have brought to me." T.H.
-"The history of this language is fascinating as well as inspirational!" S.D.
-"My mind was flooded with more than fond memories.  Thank you very much." R.P.

-"A must read. I found out at one of the author's speaking engagements that not only black, but white people spoke this language having no idea, in some cases, where the language had originated.  This book is a must read. It is a link to our American history.  A piece of the big puzzle.  I had a great time reading this book and listening to the tape with my kids.  I would recommend this as a must read to anyone, . ."  T. M.

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